The Secretary of the Nonviolent Radical Party Maurizio Turco, in consultation with Treasurer Irene Testa, appointed 25 members of the General Council of the Nonviolent Radical Party who are joining the 50 members previously elected in the 41st Congress and in the 9th Italian Congress of the Nonviolent Radical Party.

The first meeting of the General Council is scheduled for June 26-28.

The new members of the General Council are:

Chiara ARDITO, university researcher

Ernesto CACCAVALE, journalist, former MEP

Carlo CARLETTI, employee

Angelo CHIAVARINI, retired

Andrea CONSONNI, worker

Stefania CRAXI, senator, Forza Italia, former Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and honorary president of the Craxi Foundation.

Francesco DE LEO, journalist

Franco DEBENEDETTI, company manager, entrepreneur, essayist; former senator

Fabrizio FABI, retired

Francesco FUCILLI, veterinarian

André GATTOLIN, French senator, En Marche

Marco GENTILI, employee

Roberto GIACHETTI, deputy, Italia Viva

Sandro GOZI, MEP, En Marche

Mario LANDOLFI, journalist, former Minister for Communications, former President of the RAI Supervisory Commission

Vito LARUCCIA, retired

Luca LEONE, pharmacist

Simona MALPEZZI, Undersecretary for Relations with Parliament, senator, Partito Democratico

Guido MESITI, archivist

Luca PONCHIROLI, professor

Roberto RAMPI, senator, Partito Democratico

Michele RANA, police officer

Niccolò RINALDI, former MEP

Carlo ROMEO, journalist

Enrico SBRIGLIA, former prison director

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