The 40th Extraordinary Congress of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty, held in
the prison of Rebibbia in Rome between September 1st and 3rd, 2016, recognizes itself in the vision
and life of Marco Pannella, for the way in which he continuously conceived and gave substance to
ideas, struggles and objectives that constitute an inestimable political and human heritage. We
commit to keep this heritage alive.
Thanks the Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, the President of the Department of Penitentiary
Administration Santi Consolo, the Director of the Rebibbia prison Mauro Mariani, Commander
Massimo Cardilli, Chaplain Don Sandro Spriano, and all operators and prisoners of Rebibbia
prison, for allowing us to hold our Congress here and for their participation in its proceedings.
Approves the report presented by the Treasurer.
Reaffirms the principles and practice, the fundamental rules and essential constituent features of the
Nonviolent Radical Party, as they continue to represent its distinctiveness with regard to any other
– the principle of direct and individual membership;
– the rule according to which anyone, without exception, can become a member and no one can be
expelled for any reason;
– the nonviolent connotation in accordance with the Preamble to the Statute;
– the connotation transnational or universal as the vocation, dimension and purpose of our organized
political action;
– the connotation transparty in accordance with the principle of freedom of association and the
praxis of dual membership.
Welcomes the creation of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law, founded by Marco Pannella,
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, and Matteo Angioli.
The Committee is a new instrument for the radical struggle to which personalities from all over the
world have adhered, and which will contribute to the development and advancement of the
campaign for the transition towards the Rule of Law through the affirmation of the right to know by
the United Nations.
Entrusts the members with the continuation of Marco Pannella’s historical battle for the adoption of
an amnesty and pardon, as instruments of a necessary reform for the immediate return of the Italian
Republic to its Constitutional principles and European law, an indispensable premise for a just
Justice system based on minimum penal law, rendered in fair and reasonable times by impartial
To this end, the Congress immediately decides an extraordinary nonviolent mobilization that will
culminate in a march from the Regina Coeli prison to St. Peter’s Square on November 6, 2016, day
of the Prisoners’ Jubilee. The Congress invites citizens, the penitentiary community, relatives of
prisoners, and associations and personalities involved in the promotion of human and civil rights to
take part in this March for Amnesty that will be dedicated to Marco Pannella and Pope Francis.
Endorses the ongoing initiatives, including judicial ones, aimed at overcoming cruel and degrading
treatments such as the 41bis regime and life imprisonment, as documented by Director Ambrogio
Crespi in his documentary “Spes contra Spem”, hosted as a special event by the 73th Venice Film

The Congress reaffirms the federalist choice for the United States of Europe, only alternative to the
anti-federalist nationalisms and the bureaucratic drift of the European Union.
The Congress of the Nonviolent Radical Party denounces once again – in continuity with the
decisions of the Budapest Congress in 1989 – the claims of those who wish to make believe that the
Party aims at its dissolution. For a long time and with increasing punctuality and precision, the
Nonviolent Radical Party has documented how a system rigged with ostracism, mystification and
the anti-democratic use of state and private powers, included the information system, has reduced
the Party with regard to its resources, human and material.
Therefore, the Congress of the Nonviolent Radical Party acknowledges that to ensure the continued
existence and activities of the Party, debt reduction is an essential minimum condition, to which end
it sets the goal of reaching 3000 members in 2017 and the same number in the following year.
To achieve this goal, the Congress decides to entrust the Presidency of the 40th Extraordinary
Congress, coordinated by Rita Bernardini, Antonella Casu, Sergio D’Elia and Maurizio Turco, with
the responsibility of undertaking all necessary initiatives. Maurizio Turco assumes the legal
responsibility of the Nonviolent Radical Party, under which he has the right to pursue and legal
action for the protection of the rights and interests of the Party, to appoint lawyers and prosecutors,
thereby assuming also the procedural representation of the Party, as well as the legal representation
in all economic and financial activities.
The Congress decides that the minimum membership fee is 200 Euros and the recommended one
500 Euros.
Decides to suspend the bodies under Article 2 of the Statute, with the exception of the biennial
Ordinary Congress, and to entrust the financial audit to an external statutory auditor.
The Congress decides that if the minimum conditions set in this motion are not fulfilled, all
procedures for liquidation of the Party’s activities will be initiated.
In case those minimum conditions are fulfilled, the Congress decides to convene the Ordinary
Congress within 90 days from the achievement of the set objective.