Ending impunity in Cambodia

by Thay MaKara, President of the General Council of the Nonviolent Radical Party

Since the end of the Khmer Rouge, 41 years ago, the current regime, brought to power by the Vietnamese invaders, continues to kill their own people unlawfully.  Until now several hundred victims have received no justice. The authorities, led by Hun Sen, have never found those responsible for these barbaric acts.  Dr Kem Ley is one of the victims, killed in broad daylight in the heart of Phnom Penh 4 years ago today. The Phnom Penh regime has never since brought him justice.  To commemorate his death I firmly condemn this totalitarian regime and I solemnly appeal to friends of the Cambodian people to put an end to impunity in Cambodia by creating a special commission to investigate these affairs and bring justice to the victims as soon as possible.

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